NEB Class 12 Questions: NEB 12 Model Questions 2080/2024

NEB Class 12 Routine 2080-2081: Class 12 Routine

BA LLB Entrance Exam Preparation 2080 Nepal

BA LLB Entrance Exam Preparation 2080 Nepal. TU LLB Entrance Preparation by NSU, Free of Cost on Youtube.

If you are a Student who recently give Class 12 Board Exam, and Want to Pursue Law Course In Nepal, BA LLB may be suitable Course for you. NSU Helps Students to Prepare BA LLB Entrance Exam Preparation (2080) on Youtube, free of cost.

BALLB Entrance Examination 2080 in Nepal

Students must give Entrance Examination to study BA LLB In Nepal. Students must prepare 30 Objective/MCQs Questions which worth 30 marks, 3 short Subjective Questions ( 3*10= 30 marks), 1 Long subjective Question worth 20 marks and  Creative Writing which consists of 20 marks.

The total marks is 100 for the Entrance Exam, and Students must get 40 marks to Pass.


S.N. Type of Questions Marks Distributed Time Available Remarks
1. Objective Questions 30 30 minutes MCQs
2. Subjective Questions 2 hrs 30 min. Knowledge of Law
i. Long answer question 20
ii. Short answer questions 3*10
3. Creative Writing (Minimum 300 words) 20 English Language Test
Total Marks 100

BALLB Entrance Exam Syllabus 2080

S.N. Contents
1 Introduction to Law and Kinds of Law
2 Importance and role of Law in a Society
3 Sources of Law
4 General Introduction to Rights and Duties
5 Person: Kinds of Person (Legal and Natural Person)
6 General Introduction to Constitution
7 Fundamental Rights under the Constitution of Nepal

BA LLB Entrance Preparation Complete Videos


LLB Entrance Preparation 2080

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BA LLB Entrance Notes

Visit the following link to access the BA LLB Entrance Notes:
BA LLB Entrance Notes

BA LLB Entrance Preparation E-book

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Explanation Video Each Topics

Kinds and Classification of Law - Lecture by TU Topper Stuti Oli
बिधिशास्त्र Jurisprudence - EP1 in Nepali Lectured by Manamohan Bhatt
Rights and Duties-EP1 अधिकार र कर्तब्य by Bidhisha Mishra
Difference Between Rights and Duties अधिकार Vs कर्तब्य by Bidhisha Mishra
Sources of Law कानूनका श्रोतहरु by Lomash Neupane in Nepali
शक्ति पृथकीकरण तथा नियन्त्रण र सन्तुलन Separation of Powers and check and Balance
ब्यक्ति र ब्यक्तिका प्रकारहरू Person and it's Kinds by Bi(be)chan(a) Neupane
Property सम्पत्ति, Ownership स्वामित्व, Possession भोग by Aayush Bhandari
संविधान Constitution, It's Kinds and Features of Nepal’s Constitution 2072
न्याय Justice । Concept, Kinds and Importance of Justice-Prakash Rawat
Best Lecture of Constitutionalism संविधानवादको बारे एक बृहत ब्याख्या
स्वतन्त्र न्यायपालिका Concept of the Independence of Judiciary
Live Class: मौलिक हकहरु Exploring the Fundament Rights of Nepal
Live Class- मौलिक हक विशेष Fundamental Rights Interrogated: Essential Questions
Live : Concept of Judicial Independence स्वतन्त्र न्यायपालिकाको अर्थ
Live Class- Law कानुन: Purpose, Functions and Characteristics
Exploring Constitutional Bodies of Nepal नेपालमा संवैधानिक निकायहरु
Live Class: न्यायको अवधारणा । Concept, Kinds, Theory of Justice
भोग र स्वामित्व । Possession and Ownership in Detailed
विधिशास्त्रको नालिवेली । Exploring Jurisprudence in Detailed
Live Class: Exploring Person and Personality । ब्यक्ति र ब्यक्तित्व
सम्पत्ति र सम्पत्तिको प्रकार: Property and Types of Property

Credits : Online Kakshya (अनलाइन कक्षा)
Anish Kumar Tiwari

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