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Class 11 Nepali Guide 2080 PDF

Class 11 Nepali Guide 2080

Class 11 Nepali Notes Guide 2080-2081: Complete Exercise, Question Answer Solution, Summary, Grammar, PDF Solution.

Download the Class 11 Nepali Guide PDF (2080) for Chapters 1, 2, and 3, and other Nepali book notes.

Nepali is one of the crucial subjects in NEB curriculum for Class 11 Nepali Students.

In this Class 11 Nepali Guide, all exercises are solved, explained, and organized by chapter. A summary is also provided.

Complete Chapter-Wise Solution Guide Organized from Chapter 1 to Chapter 12 based on Latest 2077 Syllabus for Class 11 Nepali 2080 Batch.

Class 11 Nepali Solutions Guide - All Chapter Notes, Exercise, Question Answer

Class 11 Nepali Guide Book Chapters-Wise Solution

Chapter 1: Bir Purkha

Bir Purkha is a Poem Written by Basudev Tripathi is a tribute to the bravery and patriotism of Nepalese ancestors who battled for the liberty and independence, and it focuses on their sacrifices, sufferings, and bravery during Nepalese-British war at Nalapani and their efforts to expand Nepal's borders. View Complete Bir Purkha Exercise and Summary.

Chapter 2: Gauko Maya

"Gauko Maya" is a Story Written by Maheshwar Prasad Upadhaya (Ismali), reflects the social issues of class discrimination and economic inequality prevalent in Nepali society. View Complete Gauko Maya Exercise and Summary.

Chapter 3: Sanskriti ko Naya Yatra

"Sanskriti Ko Naya Yatra" is a Essay by Dr. Sudha Tripathi reflects the cultural diversity of Nepal, a multi-ethnic, multi-religious and multi-linguals' country. View Complete Sanskriti ko Naya Yatra Exercise and Summary.

Chapter 4: Yogmaya

Yogmaya Neupane was a Nepalese poet, activist, and rebel who dedicated her life to fighting for women's rights, social justice, and religious reform. View Complete Yogmaya Biography Exercise and Summary.

Chapter 5: Sathi Lai Chithi

A man who goes abroad to earn money for his family realizes that his dream is not as rosy as he thought it would be. View Complete Sathi Lai Chithi Exercise and Summary.

Chapter 6: Tyo Feri Farkala

Tyo Feri Farkala is a psychological story, written by Bhawani Bhikshu that explores how young people feel when they fall in love secretly and have various hidden wishes and hopes. View Complete Tyo Feri Farkala Exercise and Summary.

Chapter 7: Paryapartatan Ka Sambhavna ra Ayam

"Paryaparyatan ka Sam Bhawana ra Aayam" by Tirtha Bahadur Shrestha that discusses Nepal’s ecosystem, ecological diversity, natural beauty, biodiversity, and tourism. View Paryaparyatan ka Sam Bhawana ra Aayam Exercise and Summary.

Chapter 8: Lau Aayo Taja Khabar

Lau Aayo Taja Khabar by Surendra Nakarmi is Socially responsible drama in Sarcastic Way and Questions about the Drugs Problem in Today Youths. View Complete Lau Aayo Taja Khabar Exercise and Summary.

Chapter 9: Safalta Ko Katha

Life is a combination of ups and downs. Happiness and sorrow are big part of life. View Complete Safalta Ko Katha Exercise and Summary.

Chapter 11: Rara Bhraman

Rara Bhraman is a diary which revolves around the travel of Rara Lakes and Journey of it. View Complete Rara Bhraman Exercise, Question Answer.

Chapter 12: Jalsrot Ra Urja

Jalsrot Ra Urja Chapter talks about the water resources and capacity to produce 83K mega watts of electricity. View Complete Jal Srot ra Urja Exercise, Question Answer, and Summary.

About: Class 11 Nepali Notes

Class 11 Nepali Guide is divided into total: 12 Chapter from Chapter 1 to Chapter 12, as below:

  • Chapter 1: Bir Purkha,
  • Chapter 2: Gauko Maya,
  • Chapter 3: Sanskriti ko Naya Yatra,
  • Chapter 4: Yogmaya,
  • Chapter 5: Sathi Lai Chithi,
  • Chapter 6:  Tyo Feri Farkala,
  • Chapter 7: Paryapartatan Ka Sambhavana ra Aayam,
  • Chapter 8: Lau Aayo Taja Khabar,
  • Chapter 9: Safalta Ko Katha,
  • Chapter 10 :Krishi Shala Ma Ek Din,
  • Chapter 11: Rara Bhraman,
  • Chapter 12: Jalsrot Ra Urja

Who wrote the book Class 11 Nepali?

Class 11 Compulsory Nepali Book is written by Begendra Subba, Shri Devi Prasad Ghimire, Ram Chandra Khanal, and Shri Gyaneshwar Niraula.

What is the Course Content of Class 11 Nepali Notes?

In Class 12 Nepali, there are 12 Chapters divided into 1 Poem, 2 Story, 2 Essay, 1 Biography, 1 Letter Writing Guide, 1 Play, 2 Report, 1 Diary and 1 Dialogue.


Chapter No. Chapter Name Genre
1 Bir Purkha Poem
2 Gau ko Maya Story
3 Sanskriti ko Naya yatra Essay
4 Yogmaya Biography
5 Sathi lai Chithi Letter
6 Tyo Feri Farkala Story
7 Paryaparyatanko Sambhawana ra aayam Essay
8 Lau Aayo Taja Khabar Play
9 Saphalta ko Katha Report
10 Krishi Sala ma Ek din Dialogue
11 Rara Bhraman Diary
12 Jalsrot ra urja Report

What We Covered in Class 11 Nepali Guide note 2080?

We just add new topics in this Complete Guide for Class 11 Nepali Students:

      • Class 11 Nepali solution guide book
      • Class 11 Nepali questions and answers
      • Class 11 Nepali notes
      • Class 11 Nepali PDF
      • Class 11 Nepali syllabus
      • Class 11 Nepali curriculum


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