NEB Class 12 Questions: NEB 12 Model Questions 2080/2024

NEB Class 12 Routine 2080-2081: Class 12 Routine

Class 12 English Guide 2080: Exercise Note, Summary

Class 12 English Guide: Exercise, Question Answer Summary

Complete Class 12 English Guide 2080: Question Answer, Exercise note, Summary.

Class 12 English Book as well as Our Guide Solution is divide into 2 Section as:

  1. Language Development and,
  2. Literature 

The Language Development section of our notes includes 20 chapters that focus on developing intensive reading skills and competence in grammar, vocabulary, speech, and writing.

The Literature section includes 20 chapters divided into four parts: 

    • Short stories,
    • poems,
    • essays, and
    • one-act plays.

These chapters are designed to help you practice intensive and extensive reading, as well as creative writing and critical interpretation.

Class 12 English Some Model Question as given below:

Class 12 English Board Exam Question 2079

Class 12 English Model Questions 2080

Class 12 English Notes is given as:

Section Two: Literature

Short Stories


Every Morning I Wake Exercise
Every Morning I Wake Summary

I Was My Own Route Exercise
I Was My Own Route Summary

Soft Storm Exercise
Soft Storm Summary


One-act Plays

Section One: Language Development

Unit Title Link
1 Critical Thinking  Exercise
2 Family  Exercise
3 Sports  Exercise
4 Technology  Exercise
5 Education  Exercise
6 Money and Economy  Exercise
7 Humour  Exercise
8 Human Culture  Exercise
9 Ecology and Environment  Exercise
10 Career Opportunities  Exercise
11 Hobbies Exercise
12 Animal World Exercise
13 History Exercise
14 Human Rights Exercise
15 Leisure and Entertainment Exercise
16 Fantasy Exercise
17 War and Peace Exercise
18 Music and Creation Exercise
19 Migration and Diaspora Exercise
20 Power and Politics Exercise
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